Friday, February 1, 2008

I'm a Little Turd, But I'm So Darn Cute!

Here's little Sierra! So far, she's pooped and peed on the carpet in my jewelry studio/exercise area. On the bright side, she's funny and bright and we'll be taking her to Basic Doggie Manners Class in two weeks. Life will improve. Dakota loves playing with her.

Praise God that it's Friday! Praise God for challenges met and encouragment during stress! Praise God for my many blessings! And may your weekend be packed with God-filled moments of joy~


diane said...

How cute!! I bet they are playing so hard together that they are wearing themselves out~right? That is what Jake does when he gets to visit with another dog, he gets so excited! Have a great and restfull weekend~

kansasrose said...

What a sweetie! Is she a Lab? Your dogs are gorgeous! I have a male yellow Lab named Max. He loves it when my BIL visits with his Lab named Joe. They go wild playing together. It wears them both down. Enjoyed your blog. :)

ps. My blog is private. If you'd like an invite to read I'll email you one.