Thursday, February 21, 2008

Etched Pray Pendant

My day off, so in between laundry, bills, and picking up, I worked on an etched and stamped pendant for a friend.
Etching gives you the ability to draw your design. Since this design is rather small, my bifocals really helped. Sometimes I even slip a pair of cheapo reading glasses on my nose along with my bifocals!! That's when my DD calls me "Six-eyes". LOL!
Here's my hand holding the pendant so you can see the size. Yes, my hands are beat up from the jewelry making! I use them as tools, instead of pampering them.

Bless you all, my dear friends. And continue to pray.


Lisa said...

I love this! How did you learn this technique of stamping and etching?

By the way, I love that you said, "beads, yum". It's nice to know I'm not alone. It seems like that phrase comes to my mind quite a bit! Have a great evening!

diane said...

Your DH is as special as mine is isn't he? Bet he supports you like mine does? I praise God for my loving and supportive husband. I surely did not deserve him. But God knew I needed him and would love him always~
This little pendant is so special. I know how you feel ~ sometimes when a piece is completed. Pure bliss!!!!

Denise said...

that is beautiful and you are so talented....... and I have been in screen print for years and it has taken a toll on my hands also but we are artist and it is ok............ they are part of your personality.............


kansasrose said...

I can see you put your whole heart and soul into your work. The pendant is beautiful!! That etching must take great skill and patience! You are amazing... You and Diane put so much love into your jewelry. I adore reading of the joy you both feel when making your jewelry...giddy like little kids! :) :)

Charlotte said...

Chris, I love the pendant, it's sooooooooooooooo beautiful, all of jewelry is beautiful. Your etching is awesome. I'm still working on my etching! Thank you for sharing this with us and btw, your hands are beautiful, too.

Angie said...

I knew I'd find it if I kept looking! You are awesome! This is an awesome pendant. The receiver---is blessed! I am sure!!
Love and hugs sent your way!