Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jackson California & Bead Scores

 Jackson, California is an old Gold Country town.  My DH and I visit it a couple of times a year and tramp around the antique shops, trading post, fabulous used book store and the bead shop.
Oh a beadaholic, this is a score.  Drool, happiness and ideas abound!

Morning from my backyard

It's going to be a lovely day~~

"Trust, like joy, is an attitude we can choose.  It's a habit of thinking - and one that is worth cultivation if we want to recapture a childlike optimism and expectancy in our lives." Thomas Kinkade

I'm gonna work on trusting God today~~

Friday, October 29, 2010

 I finished this Cold Connection Encouragement Necklace~~
 I've been holding onto this great piece of labradorite for a while...doesn't it glow?  It's time for it to grace someone's neck.
 It's time to encourage someone with a hidden message.  We all should be calm in our hearts!
Thanks for taking a look at this piece...

I sure hope your week went well~~If you faced sorrows, may they be lessened.  If you felt joy, I hope you shared it!

Tomorrow my DH and I will travel to the Gold Country in California~~about 1and 1/2 hours away.  We'll peruse a huge used bookstore.  I'll immerse myself in a bead store and a trading post for jewelry goodies.  Then we'll eat a lovely lunch, walk through antique shops and drive home with smiles.  Wish you could all join us! 
Have fun my friends~

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Copper Etched Labradorite Pendant Pics for Rina

 Rina, jewelry-making friend, asked me to post pics of the back of the piece I just here you go Rina!   This is the back of the top plate (I call this the "bead plate")

 Here is the front of the brass plate.  After I wire the quartz crystal onto the bead plate, I'm going to rivet that bead  plate onto this brass plate.

This is kinda how it will look~~then I'll curl the strip on top to make a bail.  Voila!!! tah dah!!!  There will be 5 rivets, so that may take some time.  Gotta work a little at a time so my gimpy wrist doesn't ache.   AND so I get some laundry and other things done on my day off~~~or we will live in clutter and dog hair.  :-)
Have a super Wednesday!

Etched Copper and Labradorite Work In Progress~WIP

Just wired the labradorite onto the etched copper.  Slowly and surely this encouragement pendant is coming together!   Second time I wired the labradorite.  First time I attached it then carefully cut the wire in the wrong place!   Said a semi-bad word and put it down.   Waited 2 days.   Today~~~success!  Next I must wire on the quartz crystal.

It's pretty this morning in Vallejo, CA.  Northern California is going to be cool-ish and clear.  I took a great pic of the morning sky from my backyard, but I can't upload it for some reason....hmmmmm....computers and I don't always live in perfect harmony~~

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Heart my Jeweler's Saw

I really love my jeweler's saw...honest!  I know many jewelry makers hate the saw.  It's slow and can be difficult and "sticky" to use with copper and brass sheet.  I used to hate mine until I tore the ligaments in my right wrist.  Even after surgery, I can't use the metal shears without pain....soooooooo I'm getting so proficient with my saw.  And the attractive shelving cushion stuff that I rubber-banded on the handle just makes it easier for my hand and wrist.   lol~~high-tech!   Anyway, Susan Lenart Kazmer has a great video on how to use the jeweler's saw:

I'm so grateful to be able to work on some new pendants.  I call them "cold-connection encouragement pendants" and I'm making a couple for Studio 41 in Benicia, CA.   They're gonna be cool.  I'll keep you updated~~

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rainy Sunday Kitty Day

Rainy Sunday in Vallejo,CA....wonderful worship service at Community Presbyterian church. Amazing sermon by Pastor Jon that encouraged and inspired me and many others.
The orange marmalade kitty Button is hanging out on the dog bed....the dogs don't know because they are outside. :-)

Since I am trying to dig out the clutter in my house, wash loads of laundry and work on two new pendants, I wish for "Balance". I wish that for you, my dear readers. May your week be full of balance, joy, peace and the knowledge that you are moving toward your dreams.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday wish

It's Friday! May your day "sing" with ease~good spirits~joyfullness~~~or at least the grateful realization that you made it through another week----Praise God!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Been a While~Copper Message Pendant

Sorry to be so absent from the blog world~
I've been working on a project that I'll talk about later---maybe even a few months from now. Just know that I'm tired and fried but content. And I must shovel out my clutter and mess all over the house!
May you all smile today and feel joy. May your eyes crinkle with laughter and your teeth sparkle as you erupt with happiness. If you are experiencing a sad time, may you be comforted and hugged.
Bless you all~