Sunday, September 21, 2008


My head is empty~~~but my heart is full! Some of my work is being shown at Studio 41and I'm thrilled to be included in this lovely gallery~~~The necklace above is one of the pieces that's there on consignment.

My head is really empty! Can't think of any clever blog-quality thoughts or musings. I do love and appreciate my blog friends. I am so enriched by your thoughts, comments and love!

May this week be productive and encouraging. May all who are facing challenges feel His strength and love...bless you all!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Praise Him! Making Earring Charms

Praise Him! What else can I say? Praise Him even when things seem cruddy. This is one lesson that I keep learning again and again, over and over. I must praise Him even when I want to say "Why??? Why me? Why this? What am I to do?" He'll lead me through. He'll lead you too.

I'm making charms for jewelry. These will eventually be earrings. They are brass that I cut, punched the holes and used my wonderful metal stamps and super cool brass hammer to decorate. Fun. I am so very blessed.

I pray you are all well in Blogland...and may my friends who've had to deal with Hurricane Ike be encouraged. And given help and energy~~

Saturday, September 13, 2008

11 Years Ago....

11 years ago I married this guy~~~Would I do it again? In the blink of an eye...Or faster! LOL!

I love you so much. I thank God for our years together. And I pray for more. More smiles, more tears, more life together. How blessed we are~

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Funkified Peruvian Opal Necklace

New pendant on Etsy...a chunk of Peruvian Opal, some stamped and soldered copper, leather and a sterling and copper clasp. Fun and it's so very lovely to get a chance to be creative again!!

It's been a full Thursday and I still have laundry calling my name. Don't you hate it when that happens! LOL!

May your Friday be a joy. And ease you into a blessed weekend.

Monday, September 8, 2008

"The Woods"

Every year our church has a camping trip to "Westminster Woods" in Occidental, CA in the redwoods. It is soooo peaceful and soooo beautiful. This is "camping lite". We have bathrooms, showers and a chow hall that created fabulously delicious meals for us. We were definitely not "roughing it" by any means. And the sounds, smells and sights of nature made this a weekend full of His peace.

Here's the "Kerr Casa"...isn't this a GREAT tent? Big enough to stand up in, which really helps when you are trying to put your jeans on. No crouching for me, uh uh! And look at the little camping table and folding rocking chair, reclining chair and upright chair. After this shot my DH put up the canopy and we even had little lights strung up around the top! LOL! NOT "real" camping. Not by a long shot.

Saturday morning is the hike to the cross. This wooden cross is located way at the top of a steep little trail. When you're out of shape it's a true challenge (huff puff wheeze!) but we all made it. And the view! We all said a prayer together and kept urging the kids to stay away from the cliff edges.

Later that day we played some games led by Pastor Bill.

I held my annual "Beading Workshop" that went soooo well! These beaders and others created fabulous necklaces and bracelets~~21 in all! I'm spending this week crimping them all to give back to their owners all finished and ready to wear.

I feel my mind and soul are rested, renewed. I don't want to return to work tomorrow, LOL!!, But ya gotta do what ya gotta do. And I don't play the lottery, so I can't possibly win it!! :-D

Bless you all, my blog friends. May your week be just what it is, but may you be able to see it all through the lens of God's peace and reassurance. Amen.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

More Scottish Games

Look at my new friend! The Clydesdale horses are one of God's amazing creations, no? And what a sweet face she has~~~

Well, I must confess that one of my favorite places to visit during the Games was the!! Real English Toffee, Scottish kilts, jewelry, Scottish themed books, toys, t-shirts, leather goods, pottery, sweaters, paintings, photographs...on and on. And all air-conditioned, which was lovely when you were wearing a funny outfit.

OK, you caught me. Eating a meat pie...oh yum! Totally bad for you. Totally delicious. And my DH snapped this shot, the booger!

The police officers and retired officers rode in front of the grandstands on their fancy motorcycles. Just one thing, be CAREFUL if you're wearing a kilt and driving a motorbike....think about it~~LOL

The sheep dog trials were amazing. This picture's a blur, because that's how fast they were moving...border collies must have the most energy of any dog in the universe.

What a lovely weekend! How blessed that we could attend. And this weekend we'll be away at the Redwoods for a church retreat campout. How BLESSED!!! God is good. Love you all!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Scottish Games in Pleasanton, CA

We spent the weekend at the Pleasanton Scottish Games!! My DH was one of the volunteers who arrived on Thursday to prepare for the Saturday opening, while I stayed home and babysat doggies. What was cool was that I got to see a lot of "behind the scenes" stuff when I visited Saturday and Sunday.

Lots of wonderful re-enacter people showed up and wowed us with their costumes and their skills...spinning anyone? And I'm not talking about spinning class at the gym!

Just a fun mealtime at the old-time Scottish table.

Just hanging out...

It was FUN~ bagpipe music, pageantry, dancing, lots of food...I'll show you a few more pics later. I hope your Labor Day weekend was great!