Monday, September 8, 2008

"The Woods"

Every year our church has a camping trip to "Westminster Woods" in Occidental, CA in the redwoods. It is soooo peaceful and soooo beautiful. This is "camping lite". We have bathrooms, showers and a chow hall that created fabulously delicious meals for us. We were definitely not "roughing it" by any means. And the sounds, smells and sights of nature made this a weekend full of His peace.

Here's the "Kerr Casa"...isn't this a GREAT tent? Big enough to stand up in, which really helps when you are trying to put your jeans on. No crouching for me, uh uh! And look at the little camping table and folding rocking chair, reclining chair and upright chair. After this shot my DH put up the canopy and we even had little lights strung up around the top! LOL! NOT "real" camping. Not by a long shot.

Saturday morning is the hike to the cross. This wooden cross is located way at the top of a steep little trail. When you're out of shape it's a true challenge (huff puff wheeze!) but we all made it. And the view! We all said a prayer together and kept urging the kids to stay away from the cliff edges.

Later that day we played some games led by Pastor Bill.

I held my annual "Beading Workshop" that went soooo well! These beaders and others created fabulous necklaces and bracelets~~21 in all! I'm spending this week crimping them all to give back to their owners all finished and ready to wear.

I feel my mind and soul are rested, renewed. I don't want to return to work tomorrow, LOL!!, But ya gotta do what ya gotta do. And I don't play the lottery, so I can't possibly win it!! :-D

Bless you all, my blog friends. May your week be just what it is, but may you be able to see it all through the lens of God's peace and reassurance. Amen.


Angie said...

LOoks like you all had such a great time! I love the picture of everyone at the cross. Symbolic of what I am feeling :)
I have got to plunder around on your jewelry pictures again. I am "wanting something" new!
I love you girl!

diane cook said...

Oh, Chris, The Woods looks like a place I would love to go. And, I love your Casa...with all of its amenities =) Isn't it wonderful to breath in all of God's glory? Bless you my friend.

Denise said...

I really miss the comraderie of church camps...... We are not in a church right now and I so miss the fellowship..... I used to go to womens church camp a few years back and it was so good for the soul....... Glad you had such a great time and thanks for sharing... I am trying to get out and about and see my friends. I have missed a lot of posts here.. I will catch up..

MJ Alexander said...

This looks like just an amazing place to spend time fellowshipping and worshipping. The cross pictures are just plain beautiful. This is exactly what I picture when our Pastor talks about giving it up and leaving it all on the cross.

"The ground is level at the foot of the cross."

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful place!

:-) Molly

kansasrose said...

Looks and sounds like a 'heavenly' great time! The wooden cross photo reminds me..."Where 2 or more are gathered...I am there." I can sense the peace and joy you feel. God bless you!!