Saturday, August 20, 2011

Etching Fun For Scottish Games

Lots of etching happening today.  Presents for my family!  A few years back I bought a "Kerr" family crest stamp.  It features the Kerr motto:  Sero Sed Serio, which translates as "Late But In Ernest".  I believe it refers to a battle centuries ago where the Kerr warriors arrived late but enthusiastically joined in the fray.  Fortunately, no battles today, thank goodness!
 I took 18 gauge copper sheet and roughed it up a bit with a Scotch Brite pad.  Then I stamped it with Stayz On black ink.  After it dried well, I cut out sections and suspended them upside down in my little container of ferric chloride.  Every 5 minutes or so I'd shake the container for a cleaner etch.  I removed the copper and cleaned it up, cut out my shapes,and antiqued them in liver of sulfur.  I'm also going to try a couple of other patinas:  verdigris and ammonia-and-salt-water.  Then I'll seal them, add jump rings, leather cord and take 'em as presents for my fellow Kerrs when we gather at the Pleasanton, CA Scottish Games on Labor Day weekend. 

Here is some of my first attempts.  I need to get to work!  May y'all have a blessed weekend!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Playing with Copper Sheet, Wire and Tea Green Chalcedony Drops

If you are creative, I'll bet you've had times when an idea pesters you.  A desire to create something just won't leave you alone.  Will not "leave you be".
The chalcedony drops were purchased over a year ago and languished in my stash.  I saw a necklace created by Marie Dodd, her August 9, 2011 post.  See the cool elongated metal tubey thing dangling in the middle?  I couldn't get it out of my head.  I knew I had to play with a drop to get that "metal tube" feeling.  Tonight I sat down with 26 gauge copper sheet, copper wire, shears, bench block, hammer, file, pliers and liver of sulfur. Bliss~
How lucky to get to make "stuff"! 
I hope you get to scratch your creative itch this weekend.
Bless you all!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

LOTS of Family Time~~Tired but Happy

Since my blog is called "chriskerrjewelry" I'm gonna show you these earrings first~~My beautiful stepdaughter's future MIL loves jewelry.  Every time my DSD (dear step daughter) visits from Spain, I try to make earrings for her to take back home.  "Calm" & "Peace" is not what we've had this last month!  But it's what I always wish for my loved ones.

My hubby has spent months planning a family reunion with cousins from his mother's family.  We all camped at Huntington Lake, Upper Billy Creek .  It was 7,000 feet above sea level, tent camping, only one flush toilet area, no showers (!).  I must humbly admit that I'm not a camper.  I've been tent camping only a few times and NEVER without showers!  I was nervous.  4 nights.  Could I do it? 

The flush toilet structure.  No hot water.  I became an expert at washing in freezing water and dealing with it.  And I LOVE Huggie's wipes for personal cleanliness when one can't take a shower!  I could write a commercial for them!

It was BEAUTIFUL!  The air was so clean.  Even though I gasped a bit while hiking (7,000 feet up kicked my butt!), I felt alive and happy.  God's beauty heals.  It fills up the weary spaces with peace....

Huntington Lake, me and my sweet sweet man.  Blessings and beauty.
Then back home for more family~~

 Home again, unpacking and fitting in more relatives' visits.
So we had the reunion.  The kids from Spain stayed two weeks.  My middle little brother and three of his kids spent a couple nights.  My littlest brother and his new bride visited too.....Wonderful visits! 
But we are tired. 
Tired and full of amazing memories.
So it's time to recharge.  Time to lay low for a bit. 
I hope your summer is a good one.  I pray your life is full of simple blessings!  And a daily hug or two.