Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yay it's Friday!

Hello All!
Crazy busy Thursday~~~getting ready for a busy Friday! Hope yours is smooth sailing.

Made some earrings: "Joy" with citrine and garnet beads and some stamped hoops with fluorite, citrine and labradorite beads. Hunched over the workbench a lot today~~sometimes I wish I had a live-in chiropractor and yoga instructor! LOL!

bless you all~~~

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lapis Earrings and the Spanish Wedding Necklace

Don't you LOVE lapis??? The lovely deep deep blue~~Yum. Here's a pair of copper and silver earrings I made featuring some lapis drops that I got recently. These are so fun to wear! They are heading to Studio 41and I hope someone wants to take them home.

My DH and I are heading to Spain on April 29 to see his lovely daughter. And we are invited to her boyfriend's brother's wedding that first weekend. According to DD, weddings in Spain are big affairs. The wedding will be at 6:00 PM, and after that there will be a six-course meal with lots of drinking and dancing until the wee morning hours. Since my DH and I usually poop out at 9:00 PM, we'll see how that goes! Of course it is 9 hours ahead of California time in Alcala. So we may be the coolest partyers around! Then again, neither of us drinks, and my DH doesn't dance. So maybe we won't be so cool!

Anyway, I have a lovely new top to wear with my chocolate brown long skirt. And here's my new necklace of apatite and copper and silver. I love it~! One of the funnest things about making jewelry is that you always can make something to wear for any special occasion.

May you all have a blessed week. Thank you for stopping by~

A Sweet Award from Tammy~

Tammy at Tammy's Treasure Chestgave me a lovely "Spreader of Love" award...and I dedicate it to all of you awesome blog friends who encourage me. Thank you Tammy!

I'd download the cute pic of the award if I could....rats!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back from Plano TX

We had a good visit in Plano, Texas. My DH's brother and his family and his Mother live there. It was my very first visit to any part of Texas, and we were amused by the traffic lights...they line up sideways! OK, maybe you more experienced travelers have already seen this phenomenon. Well, it tickled us and I had to take a pic!

We didn't see many cowboys in Plano when we were there, but I got pretty excited when a real live rancher parked his truck by us in the Shepler's Western Wear parking lot. He even had spurs on his boots! And he was real nice. When I jumped out of the car and announced that I was a California tourist and could I please take a picture of his spurs?...he was gracious and showed me how they even had his initials on them. What a gentleman! OK, he may have started shaking his head over the crazy California woman when he got out of eyesight, but around me he was the model of good manners~

Here's the cute little boy that my brother-in-law is fostering...everyone say "Awwwwww". He's been with them for many months. His grandmother is working on getting him back and we are praying that it will work out well for the little guy.

Here's a pic of me doing something that was frustrating. I lost my cellphone on the first flight. I took it out to turn it off, and then I guess I just didn't put it into my bag properly. Anyway, I learned that it's almost impossible to get a human when you try to reach lost and found, and when you finally get a human, they really can't do much for you. I spent at least 45 frustrating minutes in Voice Mail Purgatory....United Airlines is not getting high marks from me for customer service....oh well! We did get there and back safely, and that's the most important thing.

I'm off doing loads and loads of laundry today. Went grocery shopping. Made earrings for Sue at work. Wish I had lots more days to play~

May you all glide through your week. May He guide and protect you all! In Jesus' holy name I pray~~

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Kitties and my niece Sophia

News Flash! The kitties are getting along! Well, for naptime, anyway. The kitten~~1 1/2 year old Button on the left~~loves to pester the older kitty. Foster is at least 12 and does not like frisky playing. It was such a surprise to see them sleeping together that I had to snap this. I was careful not to rile up little Button or she'd start harassing Foster and try to get him to play. All he wants to do is sleep. I can relate!

My youngest niece Sophia is SO DARN CUTE! I just got this picture from her mommy..and I couldn't resist sharing it. Cute!!! Stinkin' cute!!!

Well a new week is starting. May your week be blessed with purpose, joy, and the certainty of God's love and guidance. In Jesus' name we pray~~AMEN!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday Earrings~

Happy Thursday~~is anyone else amazed at how quickly January passed? Golly!

My dear friend Kate is attending a wedding next week. Her dress is shades of warm brown, snug to the body and flaring out in ruffles. And these earrings will be yummy with the whole outfit~ I can't wait until she sees them!

Valentine's weekend my DH and I will be flying from California to Dallas Texas~~to visit my DH's brother's family and his Mom in Plano. Since Mom is in very poor health, it may be a tough trip~~~but necessary. Our preparations for Valentine's Day will not include a romantic dinner! But we are so blessed to have the love of our family.

May your weekend be smooth and productive. And may each second be cherished and lived fully~~in Jesus' name I pray!