Sunday, September 6, 2009

Scottish Games and guys in kilts

OK, naughtiness alert! Just back from the annual Scottish Games in Pleasanton. And of course there are many guys in my favorite outfit~~~KILTS!

Here's my favorite guy in the world. My DH. Great legs, eh? He's wearing a Utilikilt, which is a great working man's kilt. Usually made of khaki or Carhardt material. And I'm being just a bit naughty here.

Here's my DH and my BIL. More leg photo ops for this intrepid blogger. I just LOVE guys in kilts. And bagpipe music is sooo stirring. Love love love it~

See, even my SIL and my DD are in on the silliness. He got his first kilt. And she got to be naughty. We love our guys. And we love the Scottish Games every year.

Have a blessed Labor Day~ May you have a peaceful day off, or if you must work, may it go smoothly.