Monday, August 31, 2009

Oregon Fun

Sitting next to me are some awesome young people! My mom and I just spent 5 days in Bend, Oregon with my sis, her husband, my niece and nephew. We had the BEST time!!! My brother-in-law and niece drove 8 hours to Vallejo, then the next day drove us back 8 hours to Bend. Wow. And then my sis spoiled us!
Here's my sis...isn't she lovely? And she made us feel soooo pampered. We're at Tumelo Falls near Bend, OR.
My Sister, my nephew and me trying to make the same funny sneering face...I couldn't do as well as they could. Must practice at home every day!
Five days later, my DH picked us up at Shasta City. My sis, Mom and I left Bend at 5:00 AM. We met my DH and ate at the Black Bear Diner...yummy granola pancakes~~~oh yeah. Then home again. What a great visit!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

No cast!!! Alright!!!!

Yippee!!! Yahoo!!! I don't have to wear a cast!!!! I saw the physician's assistant today for my post op appointment. They cut out the stitches (oweee. wah!) bandaged me up and put a wrist brace on me....and tomorrow I can get my wrist wet! Which translates into not needing my DH to wash me in the shower. Whoopeee dooodle deee!!!

So here is an amazing photo of my happy hand. Yes, there is cat hair on the brace already. And I've only been home a short time. That's just the way it is around here. Cat hair. Dog hair. You can find those tape-roll hair removal wands in several rooms. And they really don't always do the job. So we have lots of hair on our clothes and would not be suited for a fashion shoot. ever.

That brown stuff on my hand below my thumb? Betadine, the disinfectant that they used for the wrist surgery. It was under the original bandage and I can now reach it and clean it~~~yay~

Anyway, I'm will continue to rest and stretch and the swelling will go down so it can heal. I can't wait to make jewelry again! And I miss my coworkers. Moving forward. Looking good! Thank you God~~You are so good to me~~

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How sweet!

My sweet work friends chipped in and sent me these flowers~~aren't they beeeaaauuuutiful?

Surgery Went Well

Hello all! Surgery yesterday and it went sooo well~~
I'm starting the healing process and want to tell you all thank you thank you thank you for the kind words, thoughts and prayers~~~

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Closer to surgery date!

Howdy my friends! Don't you love my new accessory on my left hand? No, it's not an oven's a paraffin treatment! My tendinitis in my left wrist is getting better and my right wrist will be operated on August 18th. Yay!

My slave/secretary/daughter is visiting today and has graciously agreed to type this post. Isn't she the best?! (Just smile and nod)

I MISS JEWELRY MAKING! I miss sharing ideas and new pieces...but I am getting a LOT of reading done. I also have been keeping busy with the praise band at church. Our praise band is comprised of middle aged would-be rockers (ha ha) (super cool) and we really enjoy praising God.

You may have noticed from my photo that I got my hair cut. Since my wrist injuries, my DH has been washing my hair. This makes it easier to manage. What a sweetie he is!! It is quite endearing to see him do so many extra household chores; I haven't scooped the litter box in MONTHS! My surgeon says that my DH is "well trained". I agree, and no, you can't have him!

I pray you are all healthy and happy and, if not, that you are guided in a good direction. Big hugs for you all!