Tuesday, August 25, 2009

No cast!!! Alright!!!!

Yippee!!! Yahoo!!! I don't have to wear a cast!!!! I saw the physician's assistant today for my post op appointment. They cut out the stitches (oweee. wah!) bandaged me up and put a wrist brace on me....and tomorrow I can get my wrist wet! Which translates into not needing my DH to wash me in the shower. Whoopeee dooodle deee!!!

So here is an amazing photo of my happy hand. Yes, there is cat hair on the brace already. And I've only been home a short time. That's just the way it is around here. Cat hair. Dog hair. You can find those tape-roll hair removal wands in several rooms. And they really don't always do the job. So we have lots of hair on our clothes and would not be suited for a fashion shoot. ever.

That brown stuff on my hand below my thumb? Betadine, the disinfectant that they used for the wrist surgery. It was under the original bandage and I can now reach it and clean it~~~yay~

Anyway, I'm will continue to rest and stretch and the swelling will go down so it can heal. I can't wait to make jewelry again! And I miss my coworkers. Moving forward. Looking good! Thank you God~~You are so good to me~~


diane said...

Oh wonderful news Chris! Quickly on the mend, and in record time, no doubt. God is good.

Fanciful Expressions said...

Great Chris. I'm so happy to hear that your hand is doing so well. You have a wonderful happy attitude and that helps the healing continue. More prayers coming your way.


Bear Chick said...

Yea, Chris! You must be so relieved! Just get through the process of healing and you'll be your ole self again.

Denise said...

You have had a long haul girl! Glad that things are healing up and you will be making that jewelry any day now!

You are a sweet sweet friend!

Anonymous said...
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