Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How sweet!

My sweet work friends chipped in and sent me these flowers~~aren't they beeeaaauuuutiful?


MoonRae said...

Bless your heart!! Really glad to hear things went well,and yes your flowers are lovely!

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

They are beautiful, and I'm sooo glad surgery went well.
I'm sending you flowers in my mind! :)
I hope you get well quick and start making fabulous jewelry again soon.

Angie said...

Hey girl! I just had to pop over and check on you! I don't expect you to pop back...concentrate on getting stronger in that wrist!
God is doing the healing work and giving you time to "read and worship!"

I would LOVE to hear your little rocker-praisers! LOVE IT!

The flowers are so pretty and I love the cute new cut! You are so very pretty! Shows off that sweet face!

Wish I were there...I'd paint your toenails or something that you can't do and want done!

Love you! Tell me what you are, wait, I said don't type. Never mind. Tell your daughter to tell me.