Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Scottish Games Jewelry Bench Bliss

A few years back I purchased a Kerr crest rubber stamp.  Two years ago I stamped a bunch of copper and brass and etched some simple pendants.  
This year I wanted to play around with it.

Brass, Copper, Nickel: Etched, Sawn, Patinaed, Composite leafed, Pounded, Stamped and Riveted.  All cold connected.  

"Sero Sed Serio" means "Late But in Earnest".
I have no idea why they came up with that family motto.  :-)  

Anyway, I've been playing at the bench ALL DAY.  Now I must get in the kitchen, make my lunch for tomorrow's workday, pick out my scrubs & stuff, clean the cat box, wash dishes and shower and get in BED.  
Hope your Wednesday was as fun as mine.  Bench bliss....nothing like it!