Monday, March 14, 2011

Creative Messy Bench

Working on pieces for a new article...bench looks like a high desert windstorm hit it...minus the tumbleweeds!
May all of you, have a confidently blessed Monday!   And those of you on Daylight Savings Time (like me), I'll be so cool at quittin' time from work!  OK, right now it does stink a bit....:-) 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Friend is Trying to Kill Me!

Here it is.  "Killer Hill".  Uphill walking until your lungs burn. 

Here's my dear friend Kate.  Most Wednesday mornings we walk together.   She makes me hike up Killer Hill.  She's in way better shape than I am and she smiles the whole way.  She's so mean to me.  But secretly mean, because she acts so nice about it and encourages me so much.

At the top!  It's really pretty when you get up there.  Even though I'm gasping loudly for air and begging for oxygen, I love the view.

I made it! 
May you all have a blessed Sunday and a smooth week.  We're getting some rain here that we need.  I'll work on gratitude for the water as opposed to crankiness for the wet dogs!