Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Resin~Fill your mind with thoughts of faith, hope & courage

 Finished a pendant today.  Been plugging away for a few weeks, a bit at a time.  Resin is a medium that still holds challenges for me, but the ability to encase a message is wonderful!  This piece consists of resin, paper, copper, brass, nickel, a quartz bead, silk ribbon and steel wire. 
 I don't know if you can read the back easily.  It says, "your life will be filled with joy". 
The side view shows more stamping and how I connected the piece.  All cold-connections, all pondered and slowly assembled.  Lots of humming, smiling to myself, listening to Christian music and an old chick flick or two.  Don't think I ever get enough of "You've Got Mail"~~lol!  Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are such a fun combination. 

It's Wednesday, and June is almost gone.  Astonishing how fast the time rushes by.   May the rest of your week be blessed and joyfully start the new month. 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Heart Dangle~Old Pendant

Playing with the mother-of-pearl hearts given to me by Diane Cook~~fun times.  :-)  This pendant is old, but I wanted to add a new heart dangle that I created using the heart bead, a teensy piece of brass that I pierced and stamped, wrapped with steel wire and attached with silk embroidery ribbon.  I'm in LOVE!

Fun day of puttering at home, doing laundry and going to dinner with my DH and one of our girls and her boyfriend.  They drove here from hour and a half!  And we went to Nantucket Restaurant in Crockett, CA.  Scallops and shrimp~~~yum!
Hope your weekend is full of moments that recharge your soul~ 
Bless you all!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ice Resin "Peace" "Hope" Earrings for Kate

Trying a new Ice Resin project.  I made these teeny little cups of copper, glued in teensy words of encouragement and filled them with resin.  I made a bit of a mess, with resin all over the cups, which had to be peeled off by yours truly.  But the results are kinda cool. I'll show you the pair of earrings I made for myself next post, but for now I wish you all a Thursday full of peace and hope. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

LeeAnn's Bracelet~Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Copper

My high school friend LeeAnn asked for a special bracelet.  She's dealing with health issues, and thought an encouraging bracelet would be just the ticket.  It took me a few months to fit in the time to create it.  You know how that goes~~spouse,work, church, family, other obligations.  LeeAnn waited patiently.  And waited.  And FINALLY she received it last week.  She's happy.  I'm happy.  A perfect ending!

May your week be full of happy times.  And may all of the challenges be surmountable!  Bless you all.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Silver Earring Birthday Presents

Happy Birthday Cathy!   Silver & Pearls & Steel wire.

Happy Birthday Marlene!  Silver & Amethyst.

Happy Birthday Bailey!  Silver~
I'm blessed to have so many wonderful gals in my family. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Surprises from Diane

Last Thursday I dragged home from work.  Shooting x-rays makes me run back and forth, adjusting patients and running back to operate the machine.  I didn't know that when I drove home I'd find a surprise waiting.   Diane Cook had sent me a package of fun!   See the brass chain, luscious buds and brass filligree above?  And that was just the start of the fun.

Mother-of-Pearl hearts!!! Love 'em!  A whole fun strand of them to add to my creations.  Oh yeah!

Smokey Quartz.  Doesn't it look like jelly beans?  Yummo!

Now this is SERIOUSLY cool----synthetic steel wool and sanding rectangles!  Diane had told me about synthetic steel wool while we were chatting about jewelry techniques.  I was intrigued...a steel wool that didn't make an enormous mess every time you used it?  Yahoo!  Well, I hadn't had a chance to hunt for it at Ace Hardware.  Diane thoughtfully sent these!

Diane's hubby sent my hubby a book that he's just started and really enjoying.  What a lovely classy couple.  We were blessed to have them visit.  Maybe someday we will be able to travel to Texas.  If all Texans are so nice, it'll be the best visit!