Sunday, June 12, 2011

Surprises from Diane

Last Thursday I dragged home from work.  Shooting x-rays makes me run back and forth, adjusting patients and running back to operate the machine.  I didn't know that when I drove home I'd find a surprise waiting.   Diane Cook had sent me a package of fun!   See the brass chain, luscious buds and brass filligree above?  And that was just the start of the fun.

Mother-of-Pearl hearts!!! Love 'em!  A whole fun strand of them to add to my creations.  Oh yeah!

Smokey Quartz.  Doesn't it look like jelly beans?  Yummo!

Now this is SERIOUSLY cool----synthetic steel wool and sanding rectangles!  Diane had told me about synthetic steel wool while we were chatting about jewelry techniques.  I was intrigued...a steel wool that didn't make an enormous mess every time you used it?  Yahoo!  Well, I hadn't had a chance to hunt for it at Ace Hardware.  Diane thoughtfully sent these!

Diane's hubby sent my hubby a book that he's just started and really enjoying.  What a lovely classy couple.  We were blessed to have them visit.  Maybe someday we will be able to travel to Texas.  If all Texans are so nice, it'll be the best visit!

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diane cook said...

Chris....I am so glad you liked your goodies. It was so much fun putting them together to send you. You and Rich were just the bestest host & hostess while we were in your part of California. We are so happy we came to see you, and are blessed to now call you our friends!
And, yes! you MUST come see us in Texas! We would have a blast together......xoxo