Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Couple more pieces for Studio 41

More pieces for the gallery~~feeling a bit under the gun because I get to be a featured artist May 1~~~ So I'll take these pieces in tomorrow.

The earrings are new. I flame-patinaed the copper. They are quite swingy and fun to wear.

The pendant was created well over a year ago. It says, "May you be the song in my heart" which is taken from a Tim Hughes praise song. I strung the copper, jasper and pearl beads last week and really can't wait to get it to the gallery.

Can you believe it's April 20th already??? Seriously, where is the month...nay, the year...going? One of my kids will be visiting from Spain the end of next week. When she first told us she'd be home April 29, it seemed so far away. Well, time flies~~~and we are excited to see her and her novio (boyfriend) from Spain.

Have a blessed rest of your week my friends. May spring bring you sunlight and joy!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Two Pairs of Earrings for Studio 41!!!!

Amethyst nestled in stamped and dapped copper. Little silver hand crafted "soul" and "dream" charms. Peridot drops. Handcrafted sterling earwires. Soooooo happy to be creating again!!!

Stamped copper, hammered brass and stamped silver hung on handcrafted sterling earwires with turquoise dangly beads. Fun!

I'm so very happy to show these pieces!!!! It's taken about a month to slowly make them, but it is beyond wonderful to be able to sit at my workbench again and lose myself in jewelry nirvana~~~ I'm able to work about 5 minutes at a time as I must be very gentle with my wrists. But that is 5 minutes of pure happiness~~~

I'm so humbly grateful to God for healing. I'm so thrilled to be back at work! And back making jewelry. Amen~!