Saturday, January 29, 2011

The King's Speech

The King's Speech~~my DH and I saw it today.  Wonderful film!  The acting, the history, the humor, the persistance, the!  And so many examples of love and how it can ameliorate pain and difficulties.  I cried twice.  I loved it!

A new week starts tomorrow.  Worship in the morning, and then we wash the dogs~   A fresh clean start!  May you all have a fresh clean start and a blessed week~~~

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Secret Message of Love & "Love Life" Copper and Gemstone Earrings

"luv u" is the message hidden in these stick pearl-and-amethyst earrings.  As you wear them, perhaps this little secret will whisper into your ear!

"love life" Copper and Brass and Lemon Quartz.
OK, I'm still in my jammies.  It's 2:50 PM.  Been at the bench, laundry and assorted household stuff all day.  My breath is really not wonderful!  Must must MUST brush teeth, change into clothes, get to the gallery and drop these off.  The life of a jewelry artist is SOOO  glamorous!  Oh yeah!

Wish you all a great Wednesday~~may the rest of your week be a blur of gratitude and fellowship~
Thanks so much for dropping by~

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wedding, Siblings, Kleenex Fashion for Dollies and Metal Stamp Giveaway~Wheeee!

Amazing family weekend!  My little brother married a very very sweet lady~~Aren't they adorable?

All of us siblings together for a rare pic.  I think we are so dang good-lookin'.  Now if we were just all rich~lol!  OK, so we're rich in all the love we share....way better than those pesky dollars. :-)

My niece and daughter created amazing Kleenex fashion for my niece's doll.  I can see this on the runway in Paris.   It looks better than some of the things I've seen in some fashion shows!  :-)  And they had fun~

And a giveaway for some really cool metal stamps right here:
These are GORGEOUSLY funkified....I did drool when I first saw them~~

Now you all have a lovely lovely week coming up.  I'll be tired but quite happy~~

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"be joy" Earrings to Make You Smile

Bronze and Copper, sawn, sanded and stamped.
Yummy iolite drops suspended on copper chain.
Hope you smiled!

Love this quote:
"People often underestimate the power of...gratitude.  I have chronic fatigue syndrome, and when I'm feeling bad I remind myself that even in darkness, I am the recipient of many gifts."                              Laura Hillenbrand

May we all focus on our many gifts today.  Bless you all!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

hope pray believe...stamped in copper

"hope pray believe"...I had such fun making this yesterday!  I made this for me, and it's a bit different than my usual style.  It's always fun to try something new.  Got to use my new "Tiny Dancer" letter stamps.  Beaducation is my personal crack store!
May your week be full of joyful moments, good friends and productivity~~

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gettin' My Mojo Back and Making Earrings~

I finished these copper and ametrine earrings today!  I'm excited because ever since I've been ill, I haven't had much energy or desire to make jewelry.   And that's sooooo not me!  But I guess it makes sense. 
Low energy=low creativity.

These paua and prehnite earrings were created for my DD's  future mother-in-law in Spain.  Yes, the great news this Christmas time was that daughter number one is engaged to her beloved Spanish boyfriend of five years.   We are going to be forced to attend a wedding in Spain in May 2012!  Life is tough! lol

So, better health, better energy and plans to visit Spain (Barcelona?  Alhambra? hmmmm).  It's all good~~Thank you God for these blessings!   And may you all have a lovely week~~