Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"be joy" Earrings to Make You Smile

Bronze and Copper, sawn, sanded and stamped.
Yummy iolite drops suspended on copper chain.
Hope you smiled!

Love this quote:
"People often underestimate the power of...gratitude.  I have chronic fatigue syndrome, and when I'm feeling bad I remind myself that even in darkness, I am the recipient of many gifts."                              Laura Hillenbrand

May we all focus on our many gifts today.  Bless you all!


Melissa Meman said...


Judy said...

GORGEOUS!!! Really lovely!

Denise said...

Oh........So Pretty.... Made me joyful!

Mariam said...

these are absolutely awesomely adorable earrings!!!

Bear Chick said...

Beautiful design! Yummy indeed!

Beatnheart said...

That is the important thing to remember. It’s the little
things sometimes that make life a joy...Thanks so much for being you and taking the time to visit..

Anonymous said...

Love them!