Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wedding, Siblings, Kleenex Fashion for Dollies and Metal Stamp Giveaway~Wheeee!

Amazing family weekend!  My little brother married a very very sweet lady~~Aren't they adorable?

All of us siblings together for a rare pic.  I think we are so dang good-lookin'.  Now if we were just all rich~lol!  OK, so we're rich in all the love we share....way better than those pesky dollars. :-)

My niece and daughter created amazing Kleenex fashion for my niece's doll.  I can see this on the runway in Paris.   It looks better than some of the things I've seen in some fashion shows!  :-)  And they had fun~

And a giveaway for some really cool metal stamps right here:
These are GORGEOUSLY funkified....I did drool when I first saw them~~

Now you all have a lovely lovely week coming up.  I'll be tired but quite happy~~


Beatnheart said...

pretty Chris, nice lookin brothers and sisters. Congrats to your lovely family.

diane cook said...

What a beautiful happy family! You do look like you love each other so very much Chris!
I didn't know you had such a large family =) What a blessing!