Monday, October 21, 2013

Charmita Class Yesterday!

Charms or focal pendants created from copper sheet, wire and beads.

Yesterday afternoon was a fun day of learning and creating at Benicia Bead Shop in Bencia, California.

Seven brave women and myself embarked on 3+ hours of goofing off with purpose.  They were at different levels of jewelry making, different places in life, but they all wanted to make some cool charms. 

We picked out our beads and crystals, and cut into the copper sheet to fit our bead choice.  I disclosed that I have bled on my projects more than once and encouraged them to avoid doing the same!   Stamping=pounding=need for earplugs and safety glasses were available for all.  Hole punching, applying patina (stinky!) and the correct way to open jump rings were all practiced.  A wonderful time!

I took too few pictures of the students' final pieces.  I confess I was a tired teacher at the end of it all!  Here are the few pictures that I took:

Too much fun!  And a variety of results~

Have a blessed week.  Second half of October.  Can't fathom it.  :-)  2013 is racing by.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Charmita Class Coming Up!

Next Sunday afternoon:  Charmita Class at Benicia Bead!
Here's a necklace I made this weekend and the charms are all using that technique.

It's a fun technique~necklaces, bracelets, earrings can all be created.  I KNOW it'll be a fun afternoon!  The class is full.  Seven students, and I'll be hopping.  :-)

A new week~~Mid October!  Golly, this year had flown by.  So full of blessings and challenges.  May this new week bring you joys!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Present for a Far-away Friend

My stepdaughter, who lives in Spain, is visiting us for three weeks.  Every visit I make some earrings for her to take back to her mother-in-law in Villacanas, Spain.  I hope she likes them~~

Wednesday.  I'm the luckiest duck to have that day off from my day job every week.  Laundry, errands, walking with my dear friend.  Blessings!

May your week sail by to the weekend.  I wish you all joy~

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Altered Welder Contact Tip Pendants (you don't see these every day!)

At a local hardware store months ago, I picked up a packet of welder contact tips (see left side of pic).

I knew I wanted to do something with them.  Something....hmmmmm....
I set the packet on a shelf in my studio area and there they sat.  And sat.  They wanted to be altered, I could tell, but how?
Finally, I grabbed a couple and started goofing around with them.  Pounding, stamping, wiring, antiquing and metal leafing.  Fun times!
Do you have anything sitting around that nudges you to play and experiment?  I bet you do.  :-)
Try it!  I bet you have fun.  
Lovely Tuesday to all my blog friends.