Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Altered Welder Contact Tip Pendants (you don't see these every day!)

At a local hardware store months ago, I picked up a packet of welder contact tips (see left side of pic).

I knew I wanted to do something with them.  Something....hmmmmm....
I set the packet on a shelf in my studio area and there they sat.  And sat.  They wanted to be altered, I could tell, but how?
Finally, I grabbed a couple and started goofing around with them.  Pounding, stamping, wiring, antiquing and metal leafing.  Fun times!
Do you have anything sitting around that nudges you to play and experiment?  I bet you do.  :-)
Try it!  I bet you have fun.  
Lovely Tuesday to all my blog friends.


Judy Whitfield said...

I need to start opening my eyes to all the possibilities. I do that with bullet brass, but don't always consider welding parts.
You know I love your work! Wish you were nearby so I could take advantage of your classes.
Hugs! Judy Whitfield

Julie Panusis said...

What a lovely idea, Chris. I love your mind.
Missed you so much at Art-is-You.
I hope to see you again.

Don Urban said...

Great idea. These are cool.