Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Scottish Games 2013

Scottish Games!  Pleasanton, California.  Labor Day weekend.  Every year my husband and his son and brother volunteer, along with many other dedicated souls, to help set up stages and misters and benches and lots of stuff for the Games.

 I make jewelry.  :-)  This year, I wanted to wear something that looked a bit tribal and honored my husband's family name.  So I had a piece of etched copper I'd set aside a couple of years ago.  The etching was of the Kerr family association crest.  
I patinaed it and then colored it in a bit with Gilder's Paste, which was an experience of messiness! lol  I can be a bit sloppy.
Next, I added some dimples with my favorite dimple pliers that I bought from Richard Salley.  LOVE them.  
Then, I riveted it to some stamped and hammered nickel.  Added a crystal drop, hung it on wire with embellishments and was happy with my new piece~

Is my husband darling??? Yep, he's mine, all mine!  
We had a fun time.  Saw LOTS of vendors and fun items for sale.  Exercised lots of self control and bought very little.  
Rocked out to the Celtic bands and droning bagpipes.  Saw every type of kilt and crazy outfit possible.  :-D
Wonderful time.  Another year gone by so fast!

October getting so close~~may this fall season be full of blessings for you all, my friends.  

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Anonymous said...

Chris your necklace is so beautiful and I love how you etched your husband's families crest!!! Looks like you both had a wonderful time!

xoxo - Cindy