Sunday, July 20, 2008

"Artifact" Pendant

Blessed Sunday All!!
It was an overcast morning here in Vallejo, CA. Which is lovely~~~why, you might ask? Well, an overcast morning means a cooler afternoon. Yesterday my DH was in the nearby inland town of Vacaville and it was at least 90...Vallejo was in the mid 70's. Wooo hoo!!!

Here's my latest piece called "Acrylic-Covered Artifact Pendant". Not a real romantic name. If you think of anything better, let me know! Anyway, it was a fun piece I dreamed up when I was in the bathroom. I get a lot of ideas in the bathroom! What is it about that little room?
Here's a picture of the sketch I made of my idea...pretty close to what I came up with.

The outside of the pendant is brass. The "artifact" part is copper, brass and copper. I cut a piece of scratch-resistant acrylic (looks like plexiglass but I can't scratch it as easily) to fit and bent the tabs over it to hold. I added little dangles that I attached with 28 gauge annealed dark steel. I love it!

I'm sorry to be so spotty in my postings. My work stress has increased a lot and I haven't felt like posting. More mammography exams and x-ray exams=a more exhausted Chris. So I'll post when I can. Thank you for your prayers! I'm so blessed by you all!!!


diane cook said...

Hey Chris~Love the colors in this pendant, they just pop out of the post at me =) And, I luv your little sketch. The bathroom...hum....were you in the shower? Okay, don't tell me. LOL. I do alot of my thinking on the busride into work each morning. I put my Ipod on, listening to my Christian music, and ideas/thoughts & etc. just pop into my head.
I thought you have probably been working really hard at your job, so please take care, pray and rest in the arms of our loving Savior.
Luv you much~

Angie said...

I am glad to see you! I know you've been tired...I think we have all been under it this summer. It's just been hot...and the enemy is at work...and is doing his best to prevent the soldiers of the Cross to feel drained. I just have to keep "propping" myself up...
We went through Wanda's jewelry box when we cleaned out her closet yesterday. It was so sad. All the little dainty pieces that looked so sweet on her. Many memories,now tucked away for her daughter to hold one day---and wear.
As to the title for your new piece..."Romancing the Stone"....(movie name I know---but the LOVE of the cross is deeper than any romance---for the love was greater than anyone can fathom---the love from the Father to the Son to the Bride of Christ.
I love you girl. Have a BLESSED week.
Get you some "inspirational" listening for the drive to work. I know it helps ME tremendously!

Denise said...

It is summer time and we are all so busy or tired... so you just get some rest and work on your beautiful art.... It calms the soul....

We will all be here ....

I love the piece and it reminded me of the front door of my Mom's house many years ago... That is the first thing I thought of when I looked at it.... soooooo I am going to name it "Coming Home"

Hugs girl friend... I think of you often and pray that your stress level will ease up a bit... What you do is so important.... You touch lives.. As Angie said the enemy is on the prowl... Keeping us tied up on a short leash... But we are greater because of Christ...

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

I love this, and I really like Denise's name for it.
I'm so sorry you've been stressed out! Just know that we all pray for you and love you, you have friends all over the country!
Keep making beautiful jewelry, it helps relieve the stresses!

kansasrose said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers always...what is the passage??? Be still in Me...and know that I am there. Not sure I have the wording right...I pray you find His Peace in your stillness and time with the Lord. He carries YOU on His shoulders when you are too weary to walk. It has been a very hard summer for many that walk in the Light with Him. The great deceiver works in many ways. We will be here for ya Chris! Your sister prayer warriors. Take time for you and the holy spirit within...the blogging can wait. Love, Jen