Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sue's Earrings

Earrings my sweet friend Sue commissioned me to make for her. She wears lots of pink and blue~~ I LOVE my stamps! And I like these little copper hearts that I cut out of 26 gauge sheet and punched the holes with my beloved Rio Grande metal punch. Lots of love here, people~~~LOL!

May the rest of your week be full of the Lord. May your actions show that you love and follow Him. May your thoughts be at peace in Him. And that all goes double for me~~~

Bless you all!


kansasrose said...

These are darling! Your friend has good taste in earrings and friends! lol! So delicate and feminine. Thinking of you and praying for your day and the rest of the week to be full of our Lord's Goodness and Peace! Love in Christ, Jen xxxooo

Denise said...

Hey........ how are you girl friend? The earrings are too cute.. and you have a good eye for diverse patterns...... the mark of a good artist! We are headed out to an art show on Friday night,,, the show is " Works from Grumpy Old Men" Should be a hoot...... I will get some pictures..... (I know some grumpy old men but they sure cannot paint! ) ahahhha


Sis said...

I just love your jewelry, Chris...

When you get a minute, go over to my blog and pick up the Arte y Pico award I gave you...the post is dated today, July 12 - and you deserve it!