Monday, January 25, 2010

Granddaughter Time

Allessa and my son Robert and his girlfriend Leeann spent some time with us Sunday. Good day~! I found out that Allessa doesn't like dollies the way I do....I STILL love dolls!

Have a blessed day all~It's a rainy yucky Monday in Northern California.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Earrings~Heliador and Copper...yum!

My first pair of earrings I've made since April 2009. Created patiently, bit by bit, 5 minutes here and there, carefully in order to protect my wrists. I love them!
They sat at home for a while, as I enjoyed the fruits of creativity, the first in so very long. And today they went to Studio 41 Gallery in Benicia. Lovely day~~

My wrists are so-slowly improving. The pain flared up for a while, but now seems to be subsiding---knock on my wooden head! :-D And now I must be patient and do my best to rest them to allow them to heal completely. I'm not very patient. Really. My physical therapist Linda theorized that patience is the lesson I'm to learn from this experience...rats! C'mon, God, why can't You just assign a book on Patience and give me a multiple-choice quiz? lol!

So may you have a blessed rest of your week, all my blog friends. And pray for me to gain patience! Thank you so much! Also, keep praying for our world, especially the people of Haiti. I have such trivial things to complain about when compared to their tragedy. May God and His people give them comfort and aid. Amen~

Friday, January 1, 2010

Yay 2010~~! Got great hopes for you!

Hello all of my dear blog friends. Here are the body parts that made my 2009 so challenging. I tore ligaments in my right wrist, had them fixed up surgically and then decided to get tendonitis in both wrists...all since March 2009. So I've dealt with some changes this year!
I began doing yoga at home. I LOVE IT!!! I feel so much more limber and "younger"~~thank you Diane Cook for recommending this amazing discipline to me and encouraging me way back when~
This is what my bench looks like. I haven't even attempted any jewelry since April...I don't need to tell you how very much I miss it...
The last piece I worked on in April....I'm gonna finish this piece this month!! My physical therapist said that I should try to work on jewelry for 5 minutes per day. Yesss!!!

Acupuncture and physical therapy have been helpful, and I've also cut out white sugar and am eating more anti inflammatory foods: ginger, tumeric, deep green salads, blueberries and green tea, among others. It's been a slowwww process, but I'm feeling better day by day~

My favorite song during this time is "While I'm Waiting" sung by John Waller.

I'm waiting on You Lord. I'm hopeful. I will serve You while I'm waiting.

And I've been reading many of your blogs, seeing you on Facebook and thinking of you~~I pray 2010 is a year of joy for all of us! Bless you my friends. Joy to you all~~~