Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Sing Praise" Stamped Pendant

Had a front bottom tooth pulled yesterday....ugh.  I look like snaggle-toothed granny right now.  The braces will even everything out in the future, but it was a shock when I first spied myself in the mirror!
Anyway, I spent all afternoon playing at my workbench.  I used metal shears and mostly simple stamps and basic wireworking to make this "Sing Praise" pendant.  I was engaged, happy, "in the zone".  I love that feeling!

A new week~may you all feel renewed and grateful for small blessings.  Sending you a hug~ 

Monday, January 2, 2012

"Copper Reverie"~

The process:
The idea of quartz crystals wired to copper kept bumping around in my head.  My first attempt to bring my dream to reality resulted in the first "rough draft" above.  I love primitive, but this was too primitive for me.  Sooooo I gave it another go.

My second "rough draft".  This gave me a chance to tweak the idea and see how practical it was.  After this, I could saw my copper shapes, punch holes, smooth the edges, stamp and brush salt water on it to float over ammonia.  Then came sealing, wiring and ta-da (!)

I love how they turned out.  I'm calling them "Copper Reverie".   First pieces of 2012.

Now it's time to return to reality.  Time to finish the laundry, make my lunch for tomorrow's work day, and wash my hair.  And maybe I should get out of my jammies?  It's only 2:20 in the afternoon!  :-)