Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Secret Message of Love & "Love Life" Copper and Gemstone Earrings

"luv u" is the message hidden in these stick pearl-and-amethyst earrings.  As you wear them, perhaps this little secret will whisper into your ear!

"love life" Copper and Brass and Lemon Quartz.
OK, I'm still in my jammies.  It's 2:50 PM.  Been at the bench, laundry and assorted household stuff all day.  My breath is really not wonderful!  Must must MUST brush teeth, change into clothes, get to the gallery and drop these off.  The life of a jewelry artist is SOOO  glamorous!  Oh yeah!

Wish you all a great Wednesday~~may the rest of your week be a blur of gratitude and fellowship~
Thanks so much for dropping by~


Beatnheart said...

These earrings are just beautiful Chris. Lucky you to have a space to sell. Also, you photos of your work is wonderful...shows your pieces off very nicely. Stay warm where you are...thoughts sent your way. Hope your hands are fully mended...

Judy said...

I am glad to hear I am not the only one in her jammies until afternoon. Very nice earrings, I love your little stamps, very whimsical.

diane cook said...

That is funny Chris, but NOW I totally get it....and do it myself =)
They are great earrings, and I bet someone will snatch them up for Valentine's Day =)

Anonymous said...

I love pearls...and what a clever idea!