Monday, August 31, 2009

Oregon Fun

Sitting next to me are some awesome young people! My mom and I just spent 5 days in Bend, Oregon with my sis, her husband, my niece and nephew. We had the BEST time!!! My brother-in-law and niece drove 8 hours to Vallejo, then the next day drove us back 8 hours to Bend. Wow. And then my sis spoiled us!
Here's my sis...isn't she lovely? And she made us feel soooo pampered. We're at Tumelo Falls near Bend, OR.
My Sister, my nephew and me trying to make the same funny sneering face...I couldn't do as well as they could. Must practice at home every day!
Five days later, my DH picked us up at Shasta City. My sis, Mom and I left Bend at 5:00 AM. We met my DH and ate at the Black Bear Diner...yummy granola pancakes~~~oh yeah. Then home again. What a great visit!!!

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Angie said...

Looks like a ton of fun was had by all! You look so cute (even with your sneering face) ;)

Love you to pieces!