Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday Earrings~

Happy Thursday~~is anyone else amazed at how quickly January passed? Golly!

My dear friend Kate is attending a wedding next week. Her dress is shades of warm brown, snug to the body and flaring out in ruffles. And these earrings will be yummy with the whole outfit~ I can't wait until she sees them!

Valentine's weekend my DH and I will be flying from California to Dallas Texas~~to visit my DH's brother's family and his Mom in Plano. Since Mom is in very poor health, it may be a tough trip~~~but necessary. Our preparations for Valentine's Day will not include a romantic dinner! But we are so blessed to have the love of our family.

May your weekend be smooth and productive. And may each second be cherished and lived fully~~in Jesus' name I pray!


diane said...

Chris these are precious. They will go just perfectly with her dress.
You will be so close in Plano...I am sorry it isn't a really happy trip. I know how those are, as we visited my DH's ailing parents. It is so sad to see them this way.

Fanciful Expressions said...

Beautiful earrings, Chris.My favorite shade of blue again. Reminds me of spring which we're so in need of here in KY.
Hope your trip goes well. It sounds like it will be a tough one. God will guide you through.


Denise said...

Do you know that I am 1 1/2 hours from Plano...... Have a good friend there.......... You have a safe trip and blessings to that MIL.......

I hate to fly....... so I will pray the angles around you.......

Earring are beautiful.. and I have not forgot the picture I promised you!