Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yay it's Friday!

Hello All!
Crazy busy Thursday~~~getting ready for a busy Friday! Hope yours is smooth sailing.

Made some earrings: "Joy" with citrine and garnet beads and some stamped hoops with fluorite, citrine and labradorite beads. Hunched over the workbench a lot today~~sometimes I wish I had a live-in chiropractor and yoga instructor! LOL!

bless you all~~~


diane said...

Chris~These are beautiful. I love how much stamping you do. And it is so perfect, you have so much patience...I can tell by the detailed work you do!
Yes, after awhile it gets to us, doesn't it? All that sitting, and not getting up to stretch. I just can't seem to put down the tools sometimes...just a little bit more, and I will be finished~~

Denise said...

Happy Friday and have a great weekend... I so love the weekends..Time with my hubby!

Love the earrings !