Saturday, August 13, 2011

Playing with Copper Sheet, Wire and Tea Green Chalcedony Drops

If you are creative, I'll bet you've had times when an idea pesters you.  A desire to create something just won't leave you alone.  Will not "leave you be".
The chalcedony drops were purchased over a year ago and languished in my stash.  I saw a necklace created by Marie Dodd, her August 9, 2011 post.  See the cool elongated metal tubey thing dangling in the middle?  I couldn't get it out of my head.  I knew I had to play with a drop to get that "metal tube" feeling.  Tonight I sat down with 26 gauge copper sheet, copper wire, shears, bench block, hammer, file, pliers and liver of sulfur. Bliss~
How lucky to get to make "stuff"! 
I hope you get to scratch your creative itch this weekend.
Bless you all!


Diane said...

Yes! I know what you mean Chris. It just has to come out doesn't it? But, sometimes not as quickly as you'd like~lol. This is gorgeous. Great job my friend =)

Jenny @ Faith and Pearl said...

So beautiful.....copper with the pale green is such a pretty combination.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my, that is gorgeous! It's nice when those ideas pester themselves into creation. =)

Christine said...

Hi Chris!
I love those earrings! LOVE them! Now you've given me an idea....*runs to the workshop*

And yes, it is a blessing to be able to make stuff. I am grateful every day for the ability. :)

mairedodd said...

this is wonderful - i am so glad you were able to work with these gorgeous stones in a way that excited you... the colors are so harmonious...

Esther said...


Swati said...

Oh beautiful! The stone is so yummy, I could eat it! And what you have done with it is amazing.

I have subscribed to Belle Armoire magazine, and I hope they will send me the copy that has your work :-).