Wednesday, August 10, 2011

LOTS of Family Time~~Tired but Happy

Since my blog is called "chriskerrjewelry" I'm gonna show you these earrings first~~My beautiful stepdaughter's future MIL loves jewelry.  Every time my DSD (dear step daughter) visits from Spain, I try to make earrings for her to take back home.  "Calm" & "Peace" is not what we've had this last month!  But it's what I always wish for my loved ones.

My hubby has spent months planning a family reunion with cousins from his mother's family.  We all camped at Huntington Lake, Upper Billy Creek .  It was 7,000 feet above sea level, tent camping, only one flush toilet area, no showers (!).  I must humbly admit that I'm not a camper.  I've been tent camping only a few times and NEVER without showers!  I was nervous.  4 nights.  Could I do it? 

The flush toilet structure.  No hot water.  I became an expert at washing in freezing water and dealing with it.  And I LOVE Huggie's wipes for personal cleanliness when one can't take a shower!  I could write a commercial for them!

It was BEAUTIFUL!  The air was so clean.  Even though I gasped a bit while hiking (7,000 feet up kicked my butt!), I felt alive and happy.  God's beauty heals.  It fills up the weary spaces with peace....

Huntington Lake, me and my sweet sweet man.  Blessings and beauty.
Then back home for more family~~

 Home again, unpacking and fitting in more relatives' visits.
So we had the reunion.  The kids from Spain stayed two weeks.  My middle little brother and three of his kids spent a couple nights.  My littlest brother and his new bride visited too.....Wonderful visits! 
But we are tired. 
Tired and full of amazing memories.
So it's time to recharge.  Time to lay low for a bit. 
I hope your summer is a good one.  I pray your life is full of simple blessings!  And a daily hug or two.


Christine said...

Beautiful earrings! Sounds like an incredible time with family, fun, Huggies and the beauty of Mother Nature.

Bear Chick said...

I camped as a Girl Scout so I always say "I did my time"! Camping isn't one of my fave things--but the beauty of your trip was worth it! So glad you got to visit with family.

Swati said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! But I must you, I'm not a camper, so I think you're really awesome that you did it! :-))

Diane said...

Ahhh....what a fantastic time with your family. I love the picture of you and Rich by the lake. It looked all so peaceful =) And, I know your earrings will certainly be a blessing for your DSD's mother =) Love ya!