Thursday, September 4, 2008

More Scottish Games

Look at my new friend! The Clydesdale horses are one of God's amazing creations, no? And what a sweet face she has~~~

Well, I must confess that one of my favorite places to visit during the Games was the!! Real English Toffee, Scottish kilts, jewelry, Scottish themed books, toys, t-shirts, leather goods, pottery, sweaters, paintings, photographs...on and on. And all air-conditioned, which was lovely when you were wearing a funny outfit.

OK, you caught me. Eating a meat pie...oh yum! Totally bad for you. Totally delicious. And my DH snapped this shot, the booger!

The police officers and retired officers rode in front of the grandstands on their fancy motorcycles. Just one thing, be CAREFUL if you're wearing a kilt and driving a motorbike....think about it~~LOL

The sheep dog trials were amazing. This picture's a blur, because that's how fast they were moving...border collies must have the most energy of any dog in the universe.

What a lovely weekend! How blessed that we could attend. And this weekend we'll be away at the Redwoods for a church retreat campout. How BLESSED!!! God is good. Love you all!


Angie said...

How pretty you look! Now, I am not sure I could let Jeff ride a motorcycle in a skirt....hmmm. I bet that was interesting :)
Love you and HUG you back!!!!

Fanciful Expressions said...

Lovely picture with that horse. You're both beauties.You look like you're really enjoying that meat pie. Why is it that all the foods that are bad for us taste so good?


diane cook said...

Oh, I love these pictures. And, your face looks so peaceful and full with the love of God. How sweet~

Michelle said...

Once again, proof that my mother is truly the most beautiful woman in the world. Loch you Ma!

kansasrose said...

What a lovely Scottish lass you are...and a doll in the Scottish dress! You should enlarge the photo of you and the horse....beautiful pic of you... and the horse seems to enjoy your presence! They know good people by instinct! Have a blessed week!

MJ Alexander said...

What great pictures! You sure look like you are having fun, and you look beautiful in your costume!

:-) Molly