Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rainy Sunday Kitty Day

Rainy Sunday in Vallejo,CA....wonderful worship service at Community Presbyterian church. Amazing sermon by Pastor Jon that encouraged and inspired me and many others.
The orange marmalade kitty Button is hanging out on the dog bed....the dogs don't know because they are outside. :-)

Since I am trying to dig out the clutter in my house, wash loads of laundry and work on two new pendants, I wish for "Balance". I wish that for you, my dear readers. May your week be full of balance, joy, peace and the knowledge that you are moving toward your dreams.

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Beatnheart said...

Thank you Chris for your continued support and encouragement. Yes, my trip was hard but also did resolve alot of issues...I did my best and my feelings of compassion helped me through and helped me to deal with my anger issues....lovely new piece as always. How’s it going with Belle Amoire Jewelry submission?