Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Dog-Dirty Truth

Warning: The following post is NOT for the faint-of-heart or the weak-stomached. I have discovered an amazing fact. When you have two dogs, you have more dog fur to sweep up more often. SHOCKING! Who would have thought?

I swept 2 DAYS AGO!!! Look at that pile-o'-fur!!!! Euwwwww!!!!
Those dogs are just lucky that they are sweet and funny and provide exercise and love and important therapy for my DH!!! Cuz the mess they make is not funny, no siree...
And look at one of the culprits. Do you see that glass sliding door? I cleaned that 2 DAYS AGO!!! Ick. Dog slobber is amazing stuff. He's just so lucky that he makes us laugh and looks at us with those expressive Lab eyes and we melt. Just soooo lucky!


Linda said...

I am a huge fan of this show and got to meet Clinton Kelly this fall! I add that little tidbit whenever and wherever I can. You look fabulous, dahling. Was that a Robin Hood hat?

kansasrose said...

That is good kind of mess! Dog love messes! I sure have my share of fur baby mess to clean. Our Mainecoon cat is longhaired and you'd think we have a big bear in the house for all the fur! He always scratches on one piece of favorite tan loveseat. grrr! Do you know any remedy for preventing a cat to sharpen his claws on upholstery? My lab leaves mud, slobber and white fur. Your dogs know they have a good home with lots of love! Sweet picture of your lab mix! :)