Sunday, February 3, 2008

Alleluia Gone Till Easter

What an extraordinarily beautiful day! A sunny day after weeks of rain looks even sunnier and prettier than usual, don't you think?

Today at church we're getting ready for Lent. And the alleluia was used for the last time until Easter. Pastor Jon preached a wonderful sermon about the light of God, the presence of God and how it shown through Jesus when he was on the mountaintop. And the possibility, as William Barclay mentioned, that Jesus may have been speaking with Elijah and Moses in the presence of God to affirm his destiny. His coming journey to the cross....I love sermons that make me think AND stick with me!

May your Sunday be blessed and a beautiful start to this week. I'm blessed to have you visit my blog!


kansasrose said...

God Bless you! What a beautiful & joyful post in praise of our Savior! Easter is very early this year. I hope it won't be snowing Easter Sunday. We can get some of our worst midwestern blizzards in late March. Your cross is beautiful! Did you make this?

Lynn said...

Glad it is sunny. The sun was brilliant here today. I love this cross. I want to find one for my entry way.

Have a great week. Love and hugs, Lynn

Angie said...

I love the ones that stick too! I remember a couple of years ago, our pastor (in Dothan--not where we are now---boy do I miss them!) had the lights dimmed and had his guitar and the microphone positioned just so...and he began to sing ... "Desparado...why don't you come to your been out ridin' fences...for so long now..." The church loved it! Then the lights came up and he preache the best message I have ever heard on the "Prodigal Son". I have never forgotten.
I have a feeling that this Easter will be a cold one....but that's okay. It will be a glorious celebration of our Lord's resurrection and life!
I love crosses. I have a couple in my house. Not one a pretty as this. I think the one I have is resin and it says "Amazing Grace".
Grace is amazing.
I enjoyed this "cup of coffee" with you before I retire for the night!
Love you!