Thursday, February 7, 2008

Grandma Bragging

Gotta brag about my little granddaughter Allessa. She's a darling sweetie cutie pie~! And I'm not predudiced. No no...look at that photo. I mean, duh, what a cutie!

This was taken last November. I need to visit her to get a newer picture. I've been told by my son that she's crawling backwards. Not forwards. Just backwards. That's cuz she's sooo advanced that she believes that crawling forwards is way too easy. Yep. Oh yeah!

Hope your Thursday was a joy. If not,hope you get a smile seeing this little one. God be with you all!


diane said...

Your grandbaby is so cute.
She crawls backwards!~when my daughter started moving, she would roll from one corner of the room to the opposite corner. It was quite comical.
I am off to the deer lease tomorrow (in south Texas~5 hr trip), and will be back Sunday. Have a blessed weekend, my friend!
Pics will follow ~ as usual.

Angie said...

Chris---she is an absolute doll! I know you are proud Grandma! Pretty picture in pink! Have a great weekend! Love you bunches!
(pray for rest--and for new meds to work tonight!)

kansasrose said...

Your little Granddaughter is adorable! (smiling) Got a chuckle over your sweet words on her crawling technique. Pure Grandma love you have for her! My youngest would crawl or 'slink' on her tummy like a lizard. Cracked me up. Have a peace-filled weekend!