Sunday, February 17, 2008

Evangelical Earrings for my friend

My friend D goes to my church. She's a strong Christian senior. She loves Jesus so very much and uses every opportunity to encourage others to find Him. She also loves earrings and asked me to make some for her.
Here they are~~~

D's husband is in the hospital. He's been in ICU for two weeks with serious lung and heart problems. Today he and D made the decision that he should be taken off of the breathing tube and "Graduate to Glory", as D put it. She's very happy for him and envious that he gets to go before her! And he will be there soon, according to his doctor. So please say a prayer for D and her husband as he goes off to his heavenly home. Thank you! Bless you!


dlyn said...

Oh my - I will keep them in my prayers - it is very courageous of her to be able to let him go.

kansasrose said...

I will lift up your friends...this is true faith and witness. Blessing for this beautiful couple.

kansasrose said...

The earrings you made for her are exquisite. She will cherish these. You are so kind! xo

diane said...

Off to Glory. What an image. Praying for their comfort from the Lord Almighty, our ONLY refuge and strenght.