Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Voting Day in CA

Here's a pair of earrings I made last week. I'd never made hoops, so this was a fun project. Copper, brass, sterling earwires and beryl crystal.

It's voting day in California. After I post here my DH and I are going to high-tail it to the polls and cast our votes. I'm so blessed to be a United States citizen!


Angie said...

It was voting here in South Alabama too! (Of course I live in Florida and work in Alabama---so I didn't make it home to vote!)
I got the hand today....THANK YOU!
I laid my hand on top and felt your love and friendship! (sending an e-mail)
God bless you Chris! You are so dear to me!

diane said...

These are tiny and so sweet. I really, really like them.

kansasrose said...

Ohh..these are very pretty and so feminine. Today was a caucaus day in Kansas. The whole country is watching to see how California votes! Exciting isn't it? yes...voting is a priviledge and blessing! :)