Monday, February 4, 2008

What I Did During the Super Bowl

I really didn't watch much of the Super Bowl. I did enjoy the commercials and listened to my DH, my daughter and my son-in-law cheer and groan at the game. I, on the other hand, had a lovely time at my bench making this pendant. "Amazing Grace", turquoise, copper, silver wire.

God is good! May you know His grace and love.


Angie said...

OH CHRIS!!! This matches my CWO Internet Cafe post for the 6th!
Amazing Grace---or actually mine has a different title...but Grace it is!
That is beautiful!
Hope your Monday was fun!...did I say fun? Work? Well, sometimes even at my job I have fun.
Love you!

diane said...

Beautiful piece Chris. How did you attach your turquoise stone to your copper piece?
Will this be yours, or will you sell this one?
God Bless~

dlyn said...

My 1st visit to your blog - I love the jewelry you mkae - it si lovely! Also congrats on the new dog-baby. I will be back to check out your blog again!

Stacie said...

Wow..that piece is wonderful...I too, love Amazing Grace...glad your Super Bowl Sunday was a productive one...I spent the entire day watching back to back Jane Austin movies that my mother taped from the PBS Masterpiece was bliss!!!

kansasrose said...

Beautiful necklace! I love the message...Amazing GRACE indeed! Love the turquoise and copper combination. God Bless YOU.

Debbie said...

Great pendant. Saw your comment on Stacie's blog and wondered what your work was like.