Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy Saturday Cleaning

Happy Saturday! It's rainy and cold-ish here in Northern California. Perfect house-cleaning weather! DH and I need to shovel out the clutter and vaccuum dog hair, as we have a big family dinner here tonight. So we'll be busy.

I'm so fortunate that my DH cooks. He's going to make manicotti or lasagne tonight, depending on his mood. And it's GREAT food. AND he tries to cut back on fat and salt, using whole-grain pasta he wonderful?

The earrings are my 50th birthday present to myself last year. One of the fun things about making jewelry is that you can make yourself presents. If you like jewelry and if there is a local bead store that gives classes--try one! You may really like it!

May your Saturday be fun, even if you have to clean the house and run a zillion errands. God bless you all!


Denise said...

I love the earrings!!! I am an earring miser!! I am sure I have hundreds of pairs........ and my DH is doing everying around the house until my Dr appointment on Monday to see what they are going to do about my back... I am praying it is fixable with shots or whatever...... but he is not much of a cook! bummer...
He will clean and do laundry today while I sit in a chair and read or blog........ Makes me feel a tiny bit gulity.... just a tiny bit!

Angie said...

Okay...I will take a plate of that please! I WISH I could have cleaned house today. But...instead I have kept a little fellow (Tiffany's middle boy) that needed breathing treatments during the day and lots of "rest"...but that fit right in with what I reall needed. REST. This has been a tough week. It seems now that Wanda is gaining fluid again. (Put her back on your prayer list) So we are not sure what they are going to do.
I LOVE your b-day gift to yourself. Your earrings are awesome. I love mine Chris. I wear them almost every single day. Yes, I have other earrings...but these were made ESPECIALLY for me...and came from a special God-sent they are special.
I love and appreciate you!

diane said...

Beautiful birthday earrings! And guess what, my husband cooks too! He has a great lasagna recipe he makes, with no-cook noodles!
He loves to cook, and dutch oven cooks alot (we RV) and deer hunt in south Texas.
Isn't that something? We both have wonderful cooking husbands? We truly ARE blessed!

Margie said...

Your Bday earrings are as special as you. The earrings you made me are so beautiful. I get more compliments on them. Everyone is envious that I have such a special niece to make so many special beautiful earrings and necklaces.