Sunday, February 10, 2008

Blessed Day

Bless you all, my "computer friends"! May this next week be a God-filled one. May we all feel hope and kindness. May we be a blessing to others!


dlyn said...

Nice post & I love the necklace!

kansasrose said...

Amen! Same to you Chris! God Bless YOU and yours this week! xo

kansasrose said...

Oh and the necklace is just lovely! :) Very feminine and simple. I like that style!

Angie said...

Chris--thank you for praying. The Lord is near. Both Aimee and myself woke with the urgency to be with Wanda today. We drove down this morning. She broke my heart when I saw her tiny body so swollen. She is in much pain--and I can't help but ask the Lord for mercy here.
I have borrowed my brother-in-law's computer to check e-mails. I won't be on here but a second...but had to tell you thank you. I am wearing my "pray necklace" and think of the blessings of the Lord continually. Thank you Chris for praying---for remembering her.
I love you greatly.
God bless.