Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday..indoor day

It's a blustery, rainy, icky day in Northern California. We made it to the 8:30 AM service at church, and boy was it sooo worth it! Pastor Jon preached on the 23rd Psalm, which I've read and heard bunches of times. But he "fleshed it out" a bit.

I didn't realize that the Middle Eastern shepherds often named their sheep. Apparently, back in Biblical times, sheep were raised primarily for wool, as opposed to nowadays in the US, where they are raised mainly for food. Anyway, the shepherds would really know their sheep. And they would defend their sheep to the death from wolves and lions and thieves. That really makes the image of Jesus as my shepherd even more comforting. Even more meaningful. Thank you so much, my Jesus!

This bracelet is an oldie. I made and sold several of these to coworkers a couple of Christmases ago. They are so fun to wear! A challenge to make, as you want to use 20 or 22 gauge silver wire for strength, and a lot of gemstones don't have holes that big. Since I got my electric bead reamer, life is better~~ Just don't do what I did and "ream" your finger. Blood is not a good mix with beads! LOL!

Bless you all, my dear blog-friends! May your week be filled with God-thoughts and loving deeds.


diane said...

Such a beautiful post from a beautiful follower of Jesus.
I love the colors of this bracelet! Just beautiful~

Denise said...

Cute cute bracelet...... and did you know that when danger approached the flock of sheep that the sheep never ever look toward the danger...... they always turn their head toward the shepherd. We could learn from them.......... Have a great Monday...................

kansasrose said...

Wow what lovely praises for our Savior! I didn't know that about sheep! Jesus was so fond of mentioning them...My Mom has the most beautiful antique print of Jesus that her mother had ( my Grandma Olinda) of The Good Shepherd. Jesus is sitting with a little lamb in his lap. It is so beautiful to look at and pray on...You have given me that image today! Thank you 'sistah' Chris!
Gorgeous bracelet too! God Bless you!

kansasrose said...

I have something difficult to do today...and I needed this post and your faith to look to the Shepherd. Praise Him!:) Thank you!