Monday, February 18, 2008

Our Favorite Bookstore

Today DH and I drove to Jackson, CA, to our very very favorite bookstore: Hein's Books. It has a kajillion used books and they are sooo reasonable. We spent $18 and walked out with a big bag o' books. Heavenly!

Here's the front. It's in a big old three-story building. It smells old and bookish. It has about every genre of book imaginable.

It has interesting nooks to peruse your choices. The moosehead is festively decorated with red tinsel garland. Very stylish!

I really mean that there are a kajillion or more books! I usually get lost a few times when I visit.

And look at this good-looking hunk...oh wait! It's my DH being a really good sport, since he hates having his picture snapped. He's such a good guy and I am super blessed!

Our Monday off was so fun. I pray your day was a good one! No matter what you did or accomplished today, may it have been God-filled and packed with love.


Denise said...

Oh......... I love old book stores,, Me and my DH love to go and just look and read a bit ... such fun... and your DH is a good sport........ I love how you ladies carry that camera with you everywhere.. maybe I will get my act together one of these days and dig out my old digital........ it so bring it into a personal realm...... thanks for sharing

kansasrose said...

Heaven is a book store with a handsome hunk DH! Love this kind of day! Old bookstores are so cool! I could spend weeks in one just browsing and reading. This bookstore looks perfect! Enjoyed this post and photos. :)Thanks!

kansasrose said...

I tagged you yesterday for a 'book' meme! Is that a coincedence or what? :)

diane said...

He's as hunky as my DH! I bought some books while I was in Dallas this past weekend, at The White Elephant Antique Store~I will share pics, hopefully soon. (Been busy....) Also, have been tagged by KR for the book meme~now that IS a coincedence!
Pray you are having a God filled week so far~