Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My New Book is Here!!!!

I just received a book I've been waiting for for almost a year: Making Connections by Susan Lenart Kazmer.
I'm so excited! I just want to take this book and stay home from work for 3 months and make jewelry! In my pajamas, without brushing my hair or teeth and in a permanently hunched over position. LOL! I asked my husband and he said that we owe too much on our house. I HAVE to go to my "day job". Oh poop.

I've loved Susan's jewelry for years. She was in Bead and Button 2003? or 2004? and I was intrigued by her found object jewelry.

I was fortunate enough to take a class with her last April. It covered rivets, staples and the use of plexiglass. The pendant is one I made after her class. It's wild and seems almost Biblical to me. The different gemstones, the antique-looking piece of was cool to make. I hope that you enjoy it.


Denise said...

Wow!!!!!!!!! you are excited about that book....... not brushing your teeth was my first indication of your excitment.... maybe if you stay home and make lots of beautiful things you can pay your house off!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are sooooooooooo talented... I am going to buy something one of these days......... hugs to you and I am going to be watching for some very neet stuff to show up on your blog....... just don't smile for the camera!!!!!!

diane said...

Chris~Now you have me going, as you know I will be taking one of her classes in Virginia. I am so excited~
And, this pendant is so, so beautiful. I love all your detailed work. =)
Gotta check out that book.
I know EXACTLY what you mean about staying at home, working in my own little room, forever hunched over and making jewelry~
and in my pjs all day~HEAVEN!
God Bless you~~~~~

Angie said...

Now, surely you'd have to come up for air....or coffee??? A sandwich perhaps???
I know you love the crafting work though!

kansasrose said... gots it bad hon! Sounds like an inspiring lady and book! You inspire too! Can't wait to see more of your beautiful jewelry creations you 'create'! xo