Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dakota Will Have a New Buddy

We are adopting another dog!!! We adopted our current dog, Dakota, last February from the Central Valley Lab Rescue Foundation. He's a neutered nutty energetic lab. Today we are adding another dog into our family. Sierra is a spayed Lab/Border collie mix and only 5 months old~! Yep, what are we thinking? It'll be fun! And work.

So here's a picture of Dakota, and I'll post a picture of Sierra later.

God is so good. May you experience as many smiles as we will with our new puppy!


Denise said...

I love Labs........ He is a beautiful....... thanks for coming by my blog... I am very late with getting out and about... I do love your jewelry..... I may indulge here in a few weeks...


Sonochick said...

Hi Chris! Dakota sure is a big sweetie (with a really big, wet tongue!) I can't wait to meet Sierra. :)

Love, Sue

diane said...

Dakota looks so beautiful. I know you love your lab, and sounds like you will have another doggie to love!
I LOVE my granddog, Jake, (so much) who is a 5 yr old chocolate lab. You can find pics of him just recently on my blog. I need to add labels to my posts, because Jake certainly is one I would have!