Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy DH! Happy Day!

Beautiful sunny day! DH got his catheter removed! He's allowed to drive now, which makes him happy. Now we just pray that his PSA stays way low from now on.

Vacation will be over after this weekend...ahhh, if I could be independently wealthy and play with jewelry at home all day long...With frequent chiropractor visits because I'd stay in a permanently hunched over position!

But I know that God knows what He's doing. Without my "day job", I'd turn into a hermit and live in my PJs. LOL! So my work provides much-needed money for our Northern California mortgage payment and keeps me socialized. Not bad!

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diane said...

Oooo...i know what you mean Chris, as I have had to learn not to sit in one place too long, because I have had to go the chiropractor, massage therapist, doctor and now I do yoga! It is hard to teach an older dog new tricks though....