Monday, January 28, 2008


I HOPE I can learn everything about our new digital mammography machine tomorrow! We will have a day and a half of applications (translation: "applications" equals "pounding new computer information in my brain for a long long day"). As long as I don't end up muttering to myself too much...or sitting in the corner rocking and drooling and giggling.

I sound so negative! OK, Father God, please clear my brain and make it ready and willing to learn new stuff. And may I be a blessing to someone tomorrow!

May your day be a good one and may your brain be ready for whatever tomorrow. Bless you!


diane said...

Chris~what a beautiful necklace. And what a great gentle reminder of the Hope we have and should be shared without even being aware of it....
How do you punch your holes? And what kind of a lettering stamps/kit do you have/use? I want to learn your craft! =)
God bless, and thanks for stopping by...share the news!

Angie said...

I am loving that necklace!!! HOPE! Yes! AMEN! I need one with a hand print and pray on it!!!!
I wish I could just sit and visit a day with about that machine....I don't like machines....especially the kind that makes you feel like a body part is being run over by a truck...on cold concrete....not a nice feeling. :(
But at least I have it over until the end of the year! YEAH!
Have a fun Tuesday!

Sisters of Faith said...

You seem so talented. No doubt with the Lord's help you will tackle that machine in no time. However, I do agree with my sister Angie that those machine needs some help, so I hear. Never had to have one yet, my Dr said I need my first one at forty, which is not far off. I am not looking forward to having my little teacups turned into saucers. Lots of prayers for you. God bless!