Thursday, January 17, 2008

Where's my coffee cup?

I turned 50 last year. Praise God it really was a good experience! Lots of love from friends and the BEST gift from my DH---a whole day together in the Gold Country hanging out and bead shopping. Well, I did the bead shopping alone, but the hanging out together was priceless.
But one thing I've noticed as I've gotten older, I keep losing my coffee cup! And my glasses. And the book I'd been reading. And occasionally my keys. Golly, it annoys me! But I do try to hunt for each of the lost items with good humor and lots of smiling at my foibles. And, Lord, thank you so much that I still find them all! Eventually.
Dear reader, may your day be blessed!

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Stacie said...

Thank you for visiting my blog...I came over here and was awed by your creativity!!!
We are kindred jewelry souls!