Sunday, January 20, 2008

Susan Lenart Kazmer inspired pendant

It's done! I love how it turned out and will wear it tomorrow at work. "JOY" and a reminder to rely on Jesus. The cross is at the bottom of the piece and accurately depicts how I so often leave Jesus for last, but can't have true joy without Him.

Back to work after 13 days I remember how to do my job? LOL! Well, it was a great time. My DH is healing so well and feeling strong. He'll start back to work on Tuesday.

Maybe life will be "normal" for a while?!


Angie said...

THat is so neat! Chris you are talented beyond anyone I know! What a witness! AND reminder. :)
I can't wait to get my earrings!!! I have my eye on the matching earrings and necklace set down the page a bit...the green/yellow/clear something?? Anyway...beautiful work!
Yes---this Ninja Nana is pooped! There was so much jumping, squealing (a bit of tattling) some thumb sucking when we cuddled by the Ninja King himself (the one with the nike shirt) but all in all---quite a blast. We do this every few months...and every single time I swear to myself I won't take as many....but I keep doing it. :o) Crazy me!

Stacie said...

That piece is really inspirational and shows how much creativity can work to get us closer to our source...beautiful work!